Thursday 26 May 2016

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Jim Walker wrote 4 months ago


I still can not believe that your site is having so many views and if we can help another family get through a tragedy like ours then it gives your mum and I some comfort.

I miss you every day as does your mum .

One of your idols joined you say hello to David for us .

Love always

Poppa X

Aimee wrote 6 months ago

I saw a video earlier that made me think of you and how we would just let go and dance away on nights out and Faust rehearsals with Ruby Ru and her "routine"!.

I just miss you and those times ! <3

Emily Elizabeth wrote 10 months ago

Look at you on TV superstar!

I've rewound it so many times just to see your beautiful face.

So proud of you.

I miss you so much.


Kirsty 🌻🌻 wrote 11 months ago

🌻 not a day goes by when I don't think or wish you were still hear, love you Bethy and miss you crazy. 🌻

Lois Groves wrote 1 year ago

My beautiful best friend continues to spread her beautiful spirit...Another 2 successful recipients, how wonderful. Take a look at Beth's website and maybe her story will encourage you to become an organ donor.


Alice Lily Dobell wrote 1 year ago

You really are the most beautiful girl. As said, we are so proud of you. Forever young, forever loved and forever ours!

Miss you so much


Julia Yelland wrote 1 year ago

I'm so proud of my Beth. The gift of life is so precious and her light carries on shining through the lives of others. You are my sunshine gorgeous girl, miss you everyday.


Kirsty Barrett wrote 1 year ago

This is my friend Beth, she is amazing. She has given four people the most amazing gift.

To say I miss her would be a complete understatement because there is never a moment I don't wish I could just talk to her or even something as simple as seeing a new photo she has taken.

But to know that she has saved someone else from this heartache is beautiful.

Beth I love you. X

Lydia Watson wrote 1 year ago

Two more families have been saved from the heartbreak and devastation we felt, all thnaks to amazing Bethy. Her heart valves have saved two babies lives!

YOU can give the gift of life after you're gone.

Have a think, have a chat with family and friends.

DO something amazing today !

Amy wrote 1 year ago

Having realised it was organ donation week i thought i would log in and see all the wonderful comments people have left for Beth. Always thinking of Beth and what she did - what an AMAZING person! x

Lauren Reynolds wrote 1 year ago

Discussing organ donation over a few drinks, so touching being a parent to a young child knowing that Beth has saved two already! 💗💗💗💗

Amy wrote 1 year ago

Just logged on to Beth's website again to have a read of all the amazing recipient letters and look at the great photos of Beth. Some really make me smile!!

Beth's wild flower garden looks beautiful, and i am sure she had a hand in making sure those flowers grew!

I can not believe that the end of this month will mark a year since Beth left us all, hopefully we can continue to raise awareness of organ donation in her name. Keep spreading the word! xxxxx

Debbie Thompson wrote 1 year ago

Sadly, my beautiful niece didn't live to see her 22nd birthday today, but thanks to her wonderful spirit and generosity, and the bravery of her family, four people have been given the gift of life. The recipients of Beth's organs will get to see many more birthdays. What a wonderful light Beth brought to the world, both when she was with us and now that she has gone. xxx

Anyone reading this can give the gift of life, by becoming an organ donor today. xxx

Mick Radage wrote 1 year ago

Really nice Tribute to a real nice person,obviously a very popular girl ,your on going grief Mandy and Jim is reverberating round all your family

My Sincere Condolences

Anonymous wrote 1 year ago


I was thrilled to finally see the show Wicked recently something which we were once meant to see together. I wanted to share some lyrics from my favourite song from the show which make me think of you xxxx

People come into our lives for a reason

Bringing something we must learn

So much of me

Is made of what I learned from you

You'll be with me

Like a handprint on my heart

And now whatever way our stories end

I know you have re-written mine

By being my friend...

Like a ship blown from its mooring

By a wind off the sea

Like a seed dropped by a skybird

In a distant wood

But because I knew you

I have been changed for good

Lou wrote 1 year ago

I can't believe it. Tomorrow marks 1 year since your passing. I think of you everyday and words can't express just how much you are missed. Tomorrow - Tons of balloons are going to be released just for you - Spreading your message of Organ Donation Nationwide. I like to think of it as literally sending you our love <3

Love you always Boo - Now and Forever.

Lots Of Love,

Lou xxx

Kirsty wrote 1 year ago

Can't believe it's been a year since we said goodbye

Everything time of think of you my heat beams but my eyes do cry

Know that when you see me crying please don't be upset

It's just a sign to show you I will never forget

I will never forget you xxxxxx

Helen Stafford wrote 1 year ago

Beth I can't believe it's been a year since you were taken so suddenly leaving a void that will never be filled. So many lives broken and so many tears shed. You had such a huge personality and your sense of humour was awesome. The sky was full of yellow over your house today and so many people have joined together to show how much they love and miss you. I hope that this will raise awareness and encourage people to join organ donation and save lives just as you have done. You and your family are truly an inspiration. X x x

Uncle Sean wrote 1 year ago

Your the beach in the morning when its kissed by the sea,

The song of every bird in every tree,

The little girl Alice invited for tea.

Your in the garden with Lydia and Harriet on a summers day,

Making daisy chains for Ava who came around to play.

Your in the park in the Autumn,

Amongst the falling leaves,

as the sun goes down behind the trees,

And when it rises in the morning,

We're awoken by your words,

They're carried back to us through the trees,

Upon the wings of birds!


Hannah 'Hwan' Davis wrote 1 year ago

Oh Ri it's magical out here. I saw the most beautiful sunrise flying over Aus and thought of you lighting up the sky. I've yet to see a wild sunflower but there are fields of wild daisies that I've been through. The Bird of Paradise grow tall in big bushes just like I remember and they are everywhere! I've left Auckland and staying super rural atm no phone signal, minimal internet connection and lots of's beauts ! I'm actually becoming the David Attenborough of NZ ahah. Can actually recognise the calls of different wild birds, wild bulls, insects....Just soaking it all in before we go back & city life begins.

I miss you so very much sweetheart but I know you are watching over and seeing all the wonderful things I'm seeing, if only we could laugh about it together. X

Jim Walker wrote 1 year ago


When we first set up this web site in your memory and with the aim of trying to encourage other people to have that so important conversation with their family and friends about Organ Donation, I only expected you to have about 2,000 views in the first year.

I think it is a testament of what a beautiful person you are that you have had over 20,000 and it is still growing.

Your mum and I miss you every day and we think about you and what you are missing but we are so proud that such good has come out of our worst nightmare.

Fly high and know that you are loved always.

Poppa X

Hannah wrote 1 year ago

We had a spare 5 minutes, an iphone, YouTube and an empty lecture hall - So we danced. I love you Ri

Hannah X

Aimee Samara Potter wrote 1 year ago

I miss you! <3

Alice Lily Dobell wrote 1 year ago

I miss Bethy, so so much. She's been on my mind a lot this week X

Alice Lily Dobell wrote 1 year ago

Hello my beautiful Bethy.

You were in my dream the other day - it was wonderful.

Missing you terribly ! XXX

Emily wrote 1 year ago

Can't believe it's been 3 years since the hilarious day I stole your shoes....Miss you every day sweetheart !


Ruby Ru wrote 1 year ago

OMG Beth !

Our boy is leaving the band ahhhhh!


Lauren Elliot wrote 1 year ago

It only feels like yesterday that I was talking to you or laughing in lectures about something silly. I still think about you everyday and miss your beautiful face, but one day I will see you again and we will laugh louder, cry louder and party harder.

Keep shining beautiful



Adam Jordan wrote 2 years ago

The last three months of 2013 have been the worst of my life, but out of that has come something very special. I always thought that I would be an organ donor but its one of those things that you seem to think about and then not do. Well, I have now signed up to the register. Who knows what is round the corner for us all, who knows that tomorrow something might happen that changes our lives and, more importantly, those of others when we are gone. Beth, this is for you, I hope we can get a few people to join up x


Danni wrote 2 years ago

Dearest Beth, this website is beautiful with a powerful message and I'm sure you would have been proud; I have been skeptical about organ donation until now. With love and affection Eff x x

Amy wrote 2 years ago

A few days after hearing the absolutely terrible news of Beth's passing, I went online and made sure I was registered as an organ donor, should anything happen to me. When I told Beth's dad he said that her work had already begun! Beth was taken too young, that goes without saying, but the legacy that she has left behind is something that all of her friends and family can be so proud of. Beth touched, changed and saved lives! Hopefully we can all do her proud and keep telling her story! xx

Em wrote 2 years ago

I've been thinking about what to write on here for a few days now, and it seems silly to write this for anyone but Beth, so this is for you my darling girl.

Beth, I can only hope that you knew how much I loved you while you were here with us, and if you didn't, well I hope you can see it now. On the first day I met you in 2011 I said, 'we're going to be friends, me and you!' and you said 'why?' - from the start we had something in common, our unfortunate last names that I'd clocked on the very first register in welcome week, and this was our little joke all the way through uni.

It soon turned out that your last name didn't matter, to me you were just Boo, the most hilarious and fashionable girl I've ever met. Luckily for me we shared the same shoe size too and you would always let me try them on! Countless nights out, performances galore with silly Russian accents thrown in for good measure and singing Glee songs around the piano. I have the best memories of you.

Fast forward to two years later, almost to the day, and my world fell apart when I heard the news that you were in hospital. I hoped for a miracle with the rest of our friends, and my heart broke when we found out that you were gone. Knowing that you have saved other people's lives is the only thing that makes this any easier, and I wish I could tell you how proud I am of you. I hope that your story inspires others to talk about organ donation and sign up, it really is such an important message and you have paved the way for us all.

I read something only a few days after your funeral that said 'it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.' And that is how I will view your part in my life, knowing that I would rather live with the pain of losing you, than to have never known you at all. You live on in the people you saved, and in all of our hearts.

Sleep tight sweetheart, miss you always. Love you more xxx

Helen wrote 2 years ago

Beth I knew you since the very 1st day of your life making us patiently wait until you decided you wanted to be born. We knew from that day you were special always knowing your own mind, never jumping straight into things everything had to be carefully weighed up. I will always remember your funky boots and quirky hats and of course the infamous party when I beheaded Bart Simpson I thought you would never forgive me! Something that we laughed about just before you left us. You were always a joy to look after and you never hurt anyone and always saw the good in people. You turned into a beautiful young woman who achieved so much in your short life. You touched so many people and even after you have gone you continue to live on in the people you have saved. I know that you are watching over your mum and Lydia their hearts are broken and will never mend. You have left a void that will never ever be filled you were such a character and I have never laughed so much in one weekend. I am proud to have known you and to have shared so many happy memories and we all know how special memories are something which your mum and I tried to make when you were all children. Memories are all we have now Beth and I am glad to say they are all treasured. You now have your wings to fly high angel sleep tight darling x x x

lesley daukintis wrote 2 years ago

Beautiful Beth so sadly missed god took you far to soon but you have saved so many lives with you donating your organs I am going do the same as you Beth donate my organs god bless you darling xxxx

Kirsty wrote 2 years ago

Beth, Im so so proud to have had you in my life.

You made everything and everyone light up and you continued to do that after you left us for wonderland. I Love you so much, I will see you again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jessica wrote 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing Beth's story with us, it is a beautiful website and a fitting tribute to Beth. What a wonderful family.

Lauren wrote 2 years ago

A beautiful poem for a beautiful girl 🐝

Oh Bethy B what can I say,

How much I prayed for you to stay.

I hope you can sit and hear,

The laughter, the jokes and even the tears.

I wish I could tell you just one more time,

(I know you're laughing at this silly rhyme).

How much I love, care and miss you,

As I know your family, friends and others do too.

Every day just isn't the same,

But I smile each day and think of you (I know it's lame).

I wish you could laugh with me just once more,

But I know you can't and it makes my heart pour.

For the rest of my life I will always think of you,

In painting, in music and even in the sky too.

Your love will live on in others now,

So go on Beth, take your final bow.

I love you forever and always, sleep tight beautiful

Natalie wrote 2 years ago

Dear Beth,

You are still terribly missed. You always will be!

It is so wonderful to have this site, its just so you-hard working and wanting to help! The help that you have given people is simply incredible, you are an inspiration! Since your amazing example, I have signed myself up for organ donation too and I am sure so many others have done the same!

This is not the only way that you are inspiring however. You care so much about everything you do, putting 100% into life and still worrying that it wasn't enough. If I don't learn anything, I hope to learn that, to live life to the full and do amazing things, knowing you are always with me.

Love you!! xxx

Lois Groves wrote 2 years ago

There's not a day that goes by that my thoughts are not overwhelmed by the thought of my beautiful best friend Bethany. It's difficult to remember a time where Bethy wasn't my best friend and almost impossible to think about how I ever got by without her input. Whether it be boy trouble, an outfit choice or something really important my girl always knew what to do and say, making her one in a million!

Beth, you always were such a kind hearted friend, always doing your best to see others smile. You looked after those dear to you but you were also so sweet to people you didn't even know. Thinking about it, you were always an agony aunt for drunken strangers we would meet, always complimenting girls outfits in the toilets, let's not forget ALWAYS buying ridiculous amounts of shots for people you had barely said two words to. But, joking aside, this is just the girl you are- so very kind.

It broke the hearts of many when the news of your passing hit. I've never felt sadness like it, seeking comfort from past photos, old text messages and birthday cards.

When I was told that Beth had donated her organs I can't say I was shocked. Although so brave, this kind of thing was simply Bethy's nature- to give something so beautiful, to give the gift of life. To have saved others and their families provides a light in the dark and I would urge anybody reading this to have the conversation with family. It really has been the best healer for me and I know it has helped Beth's wonderful family at this hard time.

Beth you are so special darling, and I am so proud of everything you have done.

I miss you endlessly, I love you much more than that.

Lois x

Hannah 🌻 wrote 2 years ago

Miss beth 🌻

Truly an amazing person. The ability to make people laugh naturally and unintentionally was your gift. The time I spent with you, I was full of stitch in belly and tears of laughter down my face from school in health and social and an absolute knockout in drama. A person I look forward to seeing In my lessons and was lucky to see her still after 6thform and be apart of birthday celebrations and nights out with the flirt !

I never knew anyone else like beth and always admired this beautiful girl. With her quirky fashion and always being herself.


Her donations are apart of her to give and again even though she is not here physically she is here in heart and has made me admire her even more and the story's of beth will carry on keeping her memory going and pass on to inspire others to donate and keep giving hope to people because of her. I'm with beth on this one. I'm an organ donor

I bet you're making one heck of an angel babes ! Xxxxxxxxx

Blaise wrote 2 years ago

I couldn't believe the day when I heard the tragic news of Beth, it's not something you ever imagine happening to someone you know,let alone so young. Beth was one of the most all round nicest people I've met and i'm honoured to have had her as a friend. She did so much in her short time here and it's inspired me to grab every opportunity today because tomorrow isn't promised. I'd never really thought about organ donation until I heard that Beth had chose to donate hers and I thought this was such a beautiful was of turning a bad situation into some hope for somebody else suffering . I've now signed up to organ donation and its because of Beths story.

Carry on shining up there Beth,making everyone proud.

Love you lots.

Blaise x

Auntie Debbie wrote 2 years ago

What can you say, when you lose your niece, and she is just 21? No words can describe the heartache felt by her family; my sister who is distraught, her sister, who will never get over the loss of her only sister and best friend, her pops, her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. The loss felt, and demonstrated, by her many friends showed how popular she was - the life and soul, the drama queen!! That was our Beth.

We all love and miss you every day Beth, and the heartache will not go. We have to carry on, where you can't. What a wonderful gift you have left behind though; not just memories, but also the chance for others to live on. I know you are watching, so you will know that your mum received a letter this week from a lady whose life you have saved. She is so grateful to you, you gave her a gift money can't buy. Your mum, and family can get some comfort from this, and her family will be so happy. We are still so, so sad, but also so proud of you Beth, and many of those who loved you have followed your lead in wanting to give the gift of life.

Beth, always loving, always giving. xxx

Auntie Debbie xxx

Christine Dudley wrote 2 years ago

Dear Beth,

Just a note that could almost be hidden in amongst the wonderful tributes from your family and friends, but I didn't know you for that long - I wish I had.

I met you when your were a still just a little baby - a perfect Daisy in those days of sunshine and flowers - you were such a cute, funny little girl. I remember how you kept silent when we visited, you hid behind the sofa but I could see you! I tried so hard to get your attention, but you were having none of it. I thought that by engaging with Lydia you would come round, but I soon realised I would have to earn your approval - you were so young but absolutely astute - I suppose that was because I was a stranger to you and Tony wasn't .... I can tell you this now, I was jealous that he was part of yours and Lydia's early years. I shouldn't have worried though because even then you observed everything, nothing escaped you.

You moved away.... And then your mum and Jim married - suddenly you were all grown up, but what I remember was the laughter and joy and the close bond you all shared. I'm so sad that we didn't visit you Bethy... We thought when we retired we had all the time in the world, but we didn't know...

I'm so sorry we didn't get to see you act because you must have been awesome... It must have been all that watching. You were so cute.

Bethy, I will say this; you have an amazing family and the most fabulous mum, she loved and nurtured you and gave you the belief that you could do anything and you did....

And then you came home to rest came home to your mum and you wrapped yourself in her love. Now you have all the time to play hide and seek amongst the flowers beautiful Bethy... And act amongst the greats, because you, sweet Bethy are great too!

Love from Christine and Tony - two people that knew you for too short a time. XXX

Kirsty wrote 2 years ago

Beth you have saved peoples lives, your a Guardian Angel to us and those you have helped. <3

I am now a Organ Donor too.... I just wish so much there was something we could have done to keep you <3

Jim walker wrote 2 years ago


You are making an impact with all the other lovely souls. Poppa x

2013 sees highest number of people in the UK donating their organs after death

Nearly 3,500 patients received the organ transplant they desperately needed in 2013 thanks to more people donating their organs after their death in the UK than ever before.

1,323 people became organs donors in 2013 compared to 1,164 in 2012 - a 13.7% increase.

In 2013, 94% of families across the UK agreed to donation when their loved one was registered and had discussed their wishes. This dropped to 80% when they were on the register but had not discussed donation and only 43.5% when wishes weren't known at all.

Everyone must tell their loved ones if you wish to does make a difference.

Kirsty wrote 2 years ago

The season is now spring and all the blossom is blooming, all I can think of is you and how much im missing you. xxxxxxxx

Lou wrote 2 years ago

Oh Boo, I can't believe it has nearly been 7 months since you left.

I have looked through this lovely website again and think it is such a comfort and a great thing for those thinking about organ donation.

You are missed, more and more everyday and every time I see a Sunflower or Daisy, you are the first person who pops to mind.

You had made such an impact on so many people's lives and we all love you so much.

You make us proud everyday, and everything we do, we do it for you.

Lots of love,

from your Lou xxx

Doug wrote 2 years ago

What an inspiring website. Having discussed organ donation in the past and chosen not to, I realised that my choice was clouded by fear of the unknown. That cloud has been lifted and I am now a donor. Beths memory lives on with the fantastic work her family is doing.

Jamaine Thompson- cousin wrote 2 years ago

It makes me really happy to know that something so good can come out of something so tragic. Losing my cousin Beth last year so unexpectedly has been so hard on our family, but to know that her good nature has given life to someone else gives us all something to smile about. It brings it home how important organ donation is and why it's something we should all consider and discuss with our loved ones. X

Debbie Thompson wrote 2 years ago

We all miss Beth every day, but knowing that she did something so amazing gives us a little comfort. Everyone can donate their organs to help others. Go on sign up today! X

Luke White wrote 2 years ago

Just read the letter and it really hits home just how important organ donation is. Boo is such an inspiration XX

Shirley Whitehead wrote 2 years ago

Mandy that is a beautiful letter that should give you comfort to know how much the organ donations have helped other people. Love to all of you X

Gemma Page wrote 2 years ago

Oh all those beautiful tributes left for Beth are so lovely. Such a lovely website. Bless that person for writing to you, and Beth for giving her cause to. XXX

Jade C wrote 2 years ago

I remember getting the dreaded text that you had passed Beth, and thinking it this a joke or nightmare. It turned out not to be. Everyday I see little things that remind me of you, music we danced to, food we ate. I mean you introduced me things I could never of dreamed of going near.. And I always listen to our song. It brings me to tears, but happy tears. All the memories we made in such a short time frame..

Loveyou always xxxx

Anonymous wrote 2 years ago

For Beth,

I wrote this in the week of your passing and have just decided to post it because I think about you every day.

As you ascend towards the stars,

Take the time to shine upon us for a while,

The ones you left behind.

The heavens shall forever be brighter for your presence,

Our mortal world always one shade darker,

Memories embrace us with a light

which can never be extinguished,

Your stardust forever enclosed in our hearts,

And eternally it will twinkle and shine on

Taken from us too soon,

Our sparkle in the sky.

Anonymous wrote 2 years ago

The Unfinished Sunflower

This world was your theatre

Your role did not last too long

You touched so many people

But your gift of life carries on

Too short a life

Too short a play

Yet all those you have touched

Love you each and every day

The smile in your eyes can no longer be seen

But sunsets ensure we know where you have been

Your laughter still rings out, full of joy and fun

You are the Sunflower growing beautiful under the sun

Too short a life

Too short a play

Yet all those you have touched

Love you each and every day

Your sunsets are endless

Like the memories you left for us all

You are the unfinished Sunflower

The chosen flower of us all

Too short a life

Too short a play

Yet all those you have touched

Love you each and every day

My fear of death is no longer here

When the chance to meet you one more time comes near

Your smile, your laughter brought so much fun

Then like sunflowers together, we can dance in the sun.

Too short a life

Too short a play

Yet all those you have touched

Love you each and every day